Zion's Youth Symphony & Chorus

Zion's Youth Symphony & Chorus performed two concerts at
The Smith Center of Performing Art on Sunday, Ocotber 11.
The missionaries of the Las Vegas Zone were asked to help out
by ushering. It was a great missionary opportunity for members
to invite friends and family to learn by music and narration a little bit about
church history.The program was entitled Saints and Pioneers.
  It was incredible.

A few of the missionaries that helped usher

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  1. Anonymous11/12/2012

    Thank you Pres. and Sis. Black for finding so many ways for the missionaries to serve. Our son Elder Edwards said in his email today that was one of the very memorable nights of his mission. There is nothing like beautiful music to invite the Spirit.

    thank you for all you do,

    Clay and Jeanie Edwards