Specialized Training with new missionaries and their trainers

Well, it has been three weeks since our new group of missionaries came into the mission.
They have had a chance to really experience missionary work, to get to know their
companions, meet some ward members and to teach some lessons to investigators.

We had a meeting this morning just to find out how everyone is doing.
The report was, they are doing great! They seem to be enjoying what
Front row - Elders Golden, John, Chapman, Lapeyrouse, John, Jacobsen
Back row - Elders Marstella, Gray, Manning, Johnson, Wong, Nunez, Tewes, Mulivai

How about these two companions....
look a-likes!
Elder Lapeyrouse and Elder Chapman

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  1. It's amazing what you can find when you Google "Las Vegas West Nevada Mission." See you soon!
    -Elder Saunders