Turkey Bowl 2012

Once again Thanksgiving morning began with a few friendly games of flag football being played.  There were teams representing all nine zones in the mission.  There were lots of players on the field and lots of suppporters watching from the sidelines.  The weather was perfect
 and a good time was had by all! 
 After the games were over,  all the missionaries hurried home to clean up so they could 
go enjoy eating Thanksgiving dinner with the members and/or
investigators they are working with.
We are thankful for all the missionaries serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We love them and constantly pray for their health, their happiness and for their success.



To see all pictures taken at Turkey Bowl click here:

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  1. Sue Hoskins12/03/2012

    Our son was still in the MTC last Thanksgiving. He just missed the Turkey Bowl! I've been looking forward to seeing pictures from this year's. I knew he'd love it. Thank you so much for the pictures. I loved seeing his smiling face.