Interviews - January 2013

For the past couple of weeks we have been involved in interviews.
We always look forward to interviews because it is time spent with every missionary in the mission.
As President Black
was interviewing I had plenty of time for
some training with the missionaries. We talked about the significance of the
area book and the importance of keeping it updated and about the importance
of having members with the missionaries as they teach investigators.
We also tried to brush up on some skills for leading music!
Las Vegas Zone
Elders Ringer, Caudle, Short, Garcia, Oakey, Salinas, Perez, Schmidt, Tanner, Hunsaker
Elders John, Carlson, San Miguel, Sisters Rasumssen, Laumanu, Elders Tinoco, Driggs, Sellers
Going over the area books
Practicing leading music skills 
Highland Hills Zone

Elders Nunez, Wong, Packard, Barlow, Golden, John

Sisters Belliston, Dilliistone, Elders Seaman, Hymas, Conklin
Elders Sanders, Buchkovich, Gidewall, Torgersen, Lee

Lone Mountain Zone

Elders Ete, Vieira, Peacock, Woody, Barton, West, Quintana, Long

Elder Austin, Elder Walker

Sister Christensen, Sister Ali'ifua

Elder Woodard, Elder Bruce

Elder Wilkerson, Elder Paz

Elder Weekes, Elder Fairbanks

Checking area books

Elder Woodard demonstrating that the more members (friends) that you have
helping to fellowship an investigator or a new member, the more strength there is
to help that person grow and progress in the gospel.

Spring Mountain Zone

Elders Baker, Solis, Scola, Baker, Kaelberer, Wrathall, Butler, Lopez
Lakes Zone
Elders Mulivai, Mouser, Tews, Reeves, Fugate, Kredt, Zachary, Ririe
Elders Wynn, Loertscher, Siljestad, Murry

Sister Argueta, Sister Cox

Reviewing area books
Leading music

Mesquite Zone

Elders Jacobson, Parker, Herlin, Werner
Sister Garcia, Sister Hanson
 Elders Guillian, Edwards, Lloyd, Polanco, Dowuona-Hammond, Rumbach
Elders Jack, Jones, Cedillo, Selvey, Pulsipher, Lane, Steenstra, Jones
Checking area books

Elder Parker demonstrating the power of member involvement
Leading music
Tule Springs Zone

Elders Aldridge, Tunney; Houghton, Pierre Louis, Godfrey
Elders Reyes, Craft, Dowdle, Kraft, Brown
Elders Smith, Nelson, Pennington, Wissinger, Cook, Smith
Checking Area Books
South Zone
Elders Johnson, J. Manning, B. Manning, Larson, Gray, Marstella
Elders Chapman, Lapeyrouse, Chambers, Corcoran
Leading Music?
Elder Corcoran demonstrating the strength
that comes from ward members
Redrock Zone
Elders Millar, Dooley, Diaz, Park, Koncurat, Pyron,
Sister Dewey, Sister Carr
Elders Alford, Findlay, Benioni, Perea, Hoskins, Naranjo, Empey, Wilcock
Leading music
Checking area books



  1. I love that you have this blog. Thank you so much for doing it. I check in often to see pictures of my son!

  2. Anonymous1/23/2013

    Thanks for having this site so we can see our young missionaries.
    Aloha from Hawaii