New Missionaries

We welcomed 26 new missionaries to the mission this week.
This is the first group that includes a few 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters.
We are excited to have them here and
welcome them to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission....
the best mission in the Church!
Retrieving all of our luggage.
We did have one little mishap.
One elder ended up with the luggage of an elder who went to Jackson Mississippi
and the elder in Mississippi had the luggage that was supposed to be with the elder coming to Las Vegas.
Fortunately, everything was where it needed to be within 36 hours!  
Loading the luggage in the van

Breakfast at the mission home
Sisters Larson, Badoni, Monson, Clutts, Johnson, Pulsipher, Chapman, Long
Elders Tautuiaki, Nielsen, Harper, Colton, Powers, White, Cicerone, Percy, Ballard, Goold

 Elders Tuua, Fallon, Madore, Darby, Biggs, Lee, Cutrere
Elder Strong arrived on a later flight
Orientation and lunch at a local church building

Meet our new missionaries.... 
Sister Badoni
Sister Clutts
Sister Chapman
Sister Johnson
Sister Pulsipher
Sister Long
Sister Monson
Sister Larson
Elder Strong
Elder Colton
Elder White
Elder Madore
Elder Powers
Elder Nielsen
Elder Ballard

Elder Percy
Elder Cicerone
Elder Tuua
Elder Darby
Elder Cutrer
Elder Fallon
Elder Lee
Elder Biggs
Elder Harper
Elder Tautuiaki
 Elder Goold

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  1. Anonymous3/01/2013

    Dear Sister Black,

    Ever since we heard Elder Fallon's mission call we have been reading your posts. (It also keeps us up on two missionaries that we know.) FINALLY, we are so excited to see our son made it on the mission blog!!!! He is there, he is safe and ready to serve the Lord! We are so blessed as a family to be able to see the work being done through your hard work on this blog. It means so much to us and to those family members that are not members of the church to see the coming and goings of these dilligent young women and men. We have been blessed through your efforts. Thank you!

    With Love,
    Kim Fallon