Specialized training for new missionaries and their trainers

Well, it has been a few weeks since our new group of missionaries came into the mission.
They have had a chance to really experience missionary work, to get to know their
companions, meet some ward members and to teach some lessons to investigators.

We had a meeting this morning just to find out how everyone is doing.
The report was, they are doing great! They seem to be enjoying what
they are called here to do!  
Elder Reaser, Elder Wynn, Elder Houghton, Elder Miller
Elder Felos, Elder Myers, Elder Reed, Elder Empey
Elder Ringer, Elder Tanner, Elder Birch, Elder Rentz
Elder Dilley-Simpson,, Elder Sanders, Elder Romrell, Elder Bruce
Elder Bloomfield, Elder Chambers
Elder Hunsaker, Elder Till, Elder Jarman, Elder Conklin
Elder Seljestad, Elder Barton, Elder Moa, Elder Mouser
 Elder Stowell, Elder Jacobsen, Elder Park, Elder Campbell
 Elder Gregory-Tews, Elder George, Elder Aldridge, ELder Bee
 Sister Cornelsen, Sister Christensen, Sister Dewey, Sister Partne
Elder Murry, Elder Brinkworth
 Elder Crapo, Elder Frost, Elder Cease, Elder Wilcock
Elder Campbell, Elder Park, Elder Hurst, Elder Vvan Etten



  1. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Thank you Sister Black for posting pictures! It was a nice surprise to see my son (Elder Miller) today!

    Darla Miller

  2. Thank you so much for this blog. I hadn't heard from my missionary because the library was closed Monday. These photos just soothed my heart.

    amber myers