Zions Youth Symphony and Chorus

Twice each year The Zion's Youth Symphony and Chorus present two performances
at the Smith Center of Performing Art. 
The program was entitled "Homeward Bound" and was a tribute to heart and home.
It was an incredible performance and was a great missionary opportunity for members,
as well as missionaries, to invite investigators.
The missionaries of the Highland Hills and Lakes Zones were asked to be the ushers.
Between the two performances pizza was served!

Elder Seaman and Elder Zachary
The Smith Center is absolutely beautiful!
Elder Woody and Elder Manning
Elder Butler and Elder Johnson
Sister Cox, Sister Carr, Sister Larson
Elders Reeves, Brinkworth, Gidewall, Murry, Walker
Sister Belliston, Sister Arguetta
Elders John, Peacock, Walker, Tews, Jarman, Torgersen, Gidewall, Golden

Elders Carlson, George, Tews, Parker

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