Welcome to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

Monday morning, April 8, we welcomed
another group of new missionaries!
On a Monday morning, every six weeks, we head to the
airport and wait for a group of
sharping looking Elders and Sisters to come down the escalator!
This week we welcomed 5 sisters and 19 elders.
Three of the elders are visa waiters and will only be in our
mission until they get their visas to go to Peru. 
We are excited to have all 24 here and look forward to working with them!
Here they come!



President and Sister Black, Sisters Enszer, Mataele. Akemon, Snider, Ridley

Elders  Chase, Olive, Cipriano, Butler, Beddoes, Robinson, Saunders, Titus, Wilson, Mavromatis, Koluse

Elders Gonzales, Lawniczak, Reel, Reyes, Dial, Lopez 
Elders Barker, Hutchings, Kennedy
Orientation and Lunch

 Elder Mavromatis

 Elder Butler (visa waiter)

 Elder Koluse

Elder Chase

 Elder Robinson

 Elder Gonzales

Elder Saunders

 Elder Dial (visa waiter)

Elder Titus

Elder Wilson

 Elder Reel

Elder Cipriano

 Elder Lopez ( visa waiter

Elder Beddoes

 Elder Lawniczak

 Elder Hutchings

Elder Kennedy

 Elder Reyes

Elder Barker

Sister Enszer

 Sister Snider

Sister Ridley

Sister Akemon

 Sister Mataele

Elder Olive


  1. Sister Maria Lawniczak4/10/2013

    Thank you for posting the photos! :) It is so wonderful to see all of these wonderful missionaries!

  2. What an amazing group of missionaries so willing and eager to serve Heavenly Father and the people in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission! Thank you Sister Black for this fabulous blog for all of us curious moms (families). We appreciate your time and dedication! Sister Debbie Robinson :)

  3. What a sweet surprise I had when we received the letter of arrival and picture today. Then to go on the Blog and see our son with other missionaries, it was such a welcome surprise. Thank You so much for your service and dedication!! Your extra mile is so much appreciated!!
    Sister Kathi Dial