Specialized Training with New Missionaries nad Trainers

Once again it has been a number of weeks since the new missionaries entered the mission.
A Specialized Training was held last Friday. All new missionaries
and their trainers were invited to be in attendance. They have been serving together for
a month now and have had opportunities to have real missionary experiences,
to meet ward members and to teach some lessons to investigators and members.
We had a great discussion and were able to hear of their experiences,
their concerns and their successes.

We are excited as all the missionaries are learning and growing together.
Sister Kekauoha, Sister Johnson
Sister Baker, Sister Rasmussen
Sister Larson, Sister Hoffman
 Elder Dodge, Elder Brinkworth
 Elder Johnson, Elder Lee
 Elder Jackson , Elder Manning
 Elders Reed,  Mellor, Shanklin, Tunney
ElderJett, Elder Walker
 Elder Alsdorf, Elder Strong
 Elders Denton, Seljestad, Hart, Wrathall
 Elder Matthews, Elder Barton
 Elder Stockett, Elder Paz
 Elders Ilano, Benioni, Hunsaker, Adam

Elder Marstella, Elder Heidinger

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