Leadership Training North and South

We have just started our second round of leadership training. The training comes from "Fundamentals From Preach My Gospel; Teaching More Effectively." The purpose is to teach the missionaries to become better teachers. It is the foundation for what they must come to know, feel, and do to teach the gospel effectively. The lessons are powerful and very effective.
Our last go-round was for the Zone and District Leaders. This time we have invited all missionaries to participate. The training includes instructing and a lot of role playing. This is where one companionship plays the role of the investigators and the other companionship teaches the lesson. They then evaluate how they did and practice again. This is a great way to learn and to gain confidence.
Already we have heard from some of the missionaries that by applying the principles that they are learning they are having great success and experiencing miracles.
President Black
Sister Black
Elder Martin and Elder Ferguson
Zone Leaders
Elder Modawell and Elder Clavijo
Zone Leaders
Elder Snow and Elder Davison


  1. Dear Sister Black,
    Thank you for taking the time to write and keep a blog of this amazing mission. You will be "receiving" my missionary fresh from the MTC this week and it is a great comfort to know that he will be taken such great care of. I can tell from the shining faces on these Sisters and Elders that you and President Black are wonderful to them and that they are learning so much!
    With a grateful heart, Sister Alvarez :)

  2. Sister Black,
    I LOVE looking at all the pictures. There is nothing like a room filled with missionaries to evoke the spirit...even when you are "only" looking at pictures.
    My son will, also, be joining you today--fresh out of the MTC. He was Elder Alvarez's companion.
    Again, I appreciate all you do in behalf of my son and all the missionaries.
    Mary Alcorn -- Indianapolis, IN

  3. Sister Alcorn and Sister Alvarez....
    They arrived!! They have been assigned to their
    new areas and are with great trainers. We are sure excited to have all five of the new Elders here. They are full of enthusiasm and ready to go to work!