New Missionaries!

Another group of new missionaries arrived this morning.  We are excited to have them join our Nevada Las Vegas West Mission family. They are excited to be here. After experiencing a full day of orientation, they will spend the evening with a companionship of Elders or Sisters, go to dinner at a member's home and then have the opportunity to teach a lesson. Tomorrow morning they will meet their new companions, find out where they will be serving and will be off on an adventure that will change the rest of their lives.

 During interviews with all of the missionaries last week I asked them to share with me some words of advice, wisdom, counsel or one liners that their mom's shared with them.  As these new missionaries were filling out other papers this morning I also asked them to do the same.
 Sister Woznow (from my loving sister,) - "Expect miracles.  You also wear the name of the Savior on your shoulder, be sure to really get to know Him."
 Elder Wood - "Portion control (amount of food)!  Exercise! 
Pray and read your scriptures.
 Elder Quintana - Take a shower everyday!!
 Elder Reyes - "Work as if I was standing right nex to you!"
 Elder Ferris - You are the jewels in my crown.  Love every moment. 
Come back with no regrets. Love the people.
 Elder Packard - Always be obedient.
 Elder Barton - Do not doubt......Your mother knows best!
 Elder Anderson - Love the people you teach.
Elder Austin - "It's all right, I know the way."
I'm not homesick yet, I love you mom.

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  1. Elder Austin's comment brought tears to my eyes...I remember how I felt when our son first arrived in the mission. I hope all of the mothers of new missionaries have a wonderful Mother's day knowing thier sons and daughters are in the best hands...the Lord's. :)