So long....Farewell!

Last night we had a dinner and a testimony meeting as we prepared to tell another group of missionaires farewell. What a wonderful opportunity to listen as everyone bore testimony and shared highlights of their mission. A little later we played some games, and we were all amazed as we watched Elder Richards do some his magic. This morning we loaded up early and headed for the airport. Again, it was bittersweet as
we said good-bye some great missionaires whom we have come to love. We wish you the best!
Elders Hubbard, Blakemore, Moser, Paul, Richards, Smith
Sisters Warnock, Black and President Black

Elder Mabeza was released a few weeks early to be able
to begin school.  Good luck Elder Mabeza!

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  1. Sister Black,
    Thank you for taking pics of our sons and daughters.
    This blog feeds me as a mother. I appreciate that you understand how valuable it is and how it can be used to keep us all connected to our family members.