Happy Father's Day!

In April, as we were doing interviews, I asked each missionary to share with me some words of advice, wisdom, counsel or one liners that they remember their parents sharing with them. I listed all their thoughts from their mothers the end of April for Mother's Day. I promised I would share their thoughts from their fathers for Father's Day.

Elder Ah Mu - Stay close to the Lord and pray often.
Elder Alcorn - Don't be the best Joe or Bob you can be....be the best Jake that you can be!
Elder Alexander - Have uncommon common sense!
Elder Alford - It doesn't matter what you're going through in life, if you look for the good, you can make
any experience fun.
Elder Anderson - Lead, follow or get out of the way!
Elder Andrews - Make sure you learn something new everyday.
Elder Asay - Pray to the Lord about 'this', I know that he will help you.
Elder Askham - 1) One of the biggest things girls are always going to notice is how you treat your
mother, treat her well. 2) Always drink your milk!
Elder Austin - Use the scriptures, they will bless your life. "I'm not a scripture geek, I'm a prophet
geek". Love you Dad.
Elder Barnard - Return with honor.
Elder Barnes - If you mess up I'll kill you :-)
Elder Barton - Listen to your mother!
Elder Bassett - Work hard and bring people the gospel.
Elder Bell - Going on a mission is the most important thing I wanted you to do.
Elder Bertagnole - Don't do a halfway job.
Elder Bowe - Smile! Even a man of steel has to worry about rust. Build your own fire and it will warm
you twice. Best two years, yes, but also the hardest. Sometimes it's not the best for you but you're
the best to help someone else. Apply cross country and endure!
Elder Bowzer - Be quiet and eat your food! He taught me to always try new things and to man-up!
Elder Boyce - Go ask your mother!
Elder Bradsher - If the police bring you to my door, I'm telling them that I don't know you! If I die while
you are on your mission, don't come home.
Elder Brough -"Open your mouth and the Lord will fill it." "Badger, we don't need no stinking badger!"
Elder Bunnell - Work hard, push through the hard times and do your best.
Elder Burch - Don't give up!
Elder Burton - Just be patient!
Elder Bush - " Do it well and correctly the first time"....that is the biggest piece of advice ever.
Elder Byers - 'Honor your priesthood.' 'If I catch you drinking, I will break every bone in your body.
'Always fulfill your duties as a priesthood holder.'
Elder Callejas - Never give up.
Elder Callirgos - Come back safe.
Elder Camp - 'Stronger men than you have fallen' ... be humble, not overconfident. 'True work is
more work than playing.' 'If you make an exception to your standards once, you will do it again
and again.' My fathers best wisdom came in his own example. He is the most obedient, diligent,
hardworking man I know....and he expected that of others as well.
Elder Carleton - Listen to your mission president and obey.
Ekder Carr - 'I have found the enemy....it is me.' Only compare yourself to yourself, never compare
yourself to those around you, as success for them isn't success for you.
Elder Ceneno - He always wants me to be sure of my decisions because each one of them will have an
effect on my life.
Elder Cevallos - My father had a lot of words of advice for me. He told me obedience is a very
important factor. He told me that Satan works extra hard on successful missionaries, so I should
always be sure to obey even the smallest of rules to make sure there is no chance of straying off the pass.
Elder Chamberlain - Be as obedient as you can. Love the people, love your companion, but most
importantly love God.
Elder Childs - (best friend's mom and dad shared this) - Serve faithfully and you and your family will be blessed.
Elder Christopher Christensen - Squeeze the trigger, don't pull the trigger....meaning slow down and
think before you act.
Elder John Christensen - Don't worry about home, nothing will change by the time you get back. If it
does you will have changed by then too.
Elder Clapp - "Want to go dive in the ocean?"
Elder Clavijo - "yo te apoyare en todo lo que hagas", "no recibas lo negativo" "La felicidad se
encuentra en uno, no en nuestras circumstancias", "No generalizes tusopiniones", Te quiero y adoro.
Sister Clevenger - When we joined this church we knew it wasn't going to be easy. It is difficult but it
will be worth it in the end. I know you can get through anything. You are an amazing daughter and I
am so proud of you.
Elder Coad - 'Stay alive!'
Elder Constantino - "You can't help everyone, but help everyone you can"...while doing yard work together
Elder Cook - Be diligent now and be diligent forever.
Elder Cooper - He taught by example.
Elder Corvalan - Do what God expects of you no matter what. Be an example of the believers.
Elder Daines - Serve with honor, return with honor.
Elder Davis - Don't watch rated-R movies. Don't get shot, if someone shoots you, shoot back.
Elder Denker - When he bore his testimony I knew that he knew. He always bore powerful testimonies.
The love and encouragement and trust my parents give me has been everything.
Sister Dixon - I am so proud of you.
Elder Downs - Follow the white handbook and you will never fail and you will always be protected.
Always remain worthy of the Lords priesthood.
Elder Dunn - Don't do anything stupid. When mom isn't happy, no body's happy! Yes, dear, I'm sorry!
Elder Elmer - My father always told me to stay strong in the church and have great courage.
Elder Estes - Do your best. Do what you need to do. Never do anything you would be too
embarrassed to describe to paramedics.
Elder Fackrell - If you don't want to do the work, you won't!
Elder Fairbanks - Don't underestimate what you are capable of.
Elder Farnsworth - Work hardy and pray for your investigators. If you think that it is a one man job,
then do it yourself!
Elder Feldman - Do your best and the Lord will do the rest. Be humble, work hard, trust in the Lord
and everything will work out all right.
Elder Ferris - There will be moments when life will seem hard, but your trials that will make you stronger.
Elder Fetner - My dad said to our missionaries when we were investigating "I wish I had had an
opportunity like yours when I was your age." That is when I knew I would go on a mission if I
joined the church.
Elder Figuerrez - Rely on the Savior Jesus Christ in all that you do.
Elder Fish - Awesome!
Elder Flores - He taught me how to work hard, he told me to always come home tired and to always be
busy and to teach by the spirit always. "Apaga el telephono"
Elder Francis - Do not criticize others for differences. People don't want you to solve their problems;
they want you to listen while they solve their own. No throwing balls in the house!!
Elder Fulbright - Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep the rules and you won't get in trouble.
Elder Gawrych - You can make it one day at a time, you can keep on doing it and I know it will get easier
in time.
Elder Grady - Remember who you are and who you represent.
Elder Graff - If you don't know what to do put on your shoes and get to work.
Elder Grover - Other people don't always know what you're talking about.
Elder Harding - Go big or go home!
Elder Hartman - Missions are the only opportunity to dedicate 100% of your life to the Lord.
Elder Hawkins - My dad e-mailed and told me about his 21st birthday in the mission field. He said in
that area he felt such strong love for the people and his companions all the time. This helped
me have a stronger desire to do as Mormon said, "Pray for His love."
Elder Henderson - The worst punishment is to let down those you love.
Elder Hugie - My dad has stressed the importance of prayer while I'm a missionary.
Elder Humphrey - Make me proud.
Elder Irwin - "Two of the best people in bad circumstances will eventually fall." "Of the people I deal
with (as Branch President) if there are problems, they arise from not doing one of three things--
studying the scriptures, praying or going to church."
Elder Jiminez - You have a way of connecting with everybody. You are just like my father...even the
street dogs loved him.
Elder Jithame - Going to church blesses families.
Elder Johnson - If you get an airplane then make sure to register it on land that is in a country that you
don't have to pay tax!
Elder Jones - Go to work and get it done.
Elder Josephson - Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without! Goose-it!
Elder Justice - "You'll never make it to next year, boy..." "You never have to work for someone else."
"Always follow the spirit."
Elder Kakau - Love everyone that you run into. Make them remember you as the Elder who was very
sincere with them.
Elder Kamalamalama - "Ask your mom"
Elder Kiaha - Love the people, love your companion, love everyone.
Sister Knighton - The whole world is crazy, except me and you. And sometimes I wonder about you!
Be a leader in example.
Elder Lane - Don't be stupid. There is someone there waiting for you.
Elder Larsen - Follow the rules to allow the spirit's guidance. Rules are there for a reason. Have fun.
Elder Larson - If you don't feel like praying, the best thing to do is pray.
Elder Layton - Keep the Holy Ghost and teach. My brother said - Be completely honest with yourself
and everyone around you at all times. That's it.
Elder Lee - Alma 26:22 "If you repent and have a desire for the work, and do the word, the mysteries of
God will be opened unto you. You shall see miracles." He shared that scripture before my setting
apart by the stake president. While he was setting me apart in the blessing it was mentioned that
I should be like unto Ammon.
Sister Leilua - Love your mission president and his wife, love your companion, love everyone you
teach. Never be discouraged, listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and pray always.!
Elder Lento - (Elder Olsen's companion, Elder Alder) - Be the companion that you would want to have.
Elder Liddiard - When the times get so tough on the mission that you want to quit, always remember
that you can use your experiences to help other people in the future.
Elder Lloyd - "My Boy! Keep the Lloyd Swagger!"
Elder Sergio Lopez - Don't ever get discouraged, don't ever give up, don't have any regrets, don't be
afraid to be great.
Elder Venancio Lopez - You're smart. Whatever goals you make in life, make sure you achieve them.
Elder Lougee - Be good!


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    Gracias Elder Lopez Peralta, te amamos mucho hijo,y simpre estas en nuestro corazon, so, no te rindas sigue siempre adelante, y acuerdate el a quel que nunca ha fracazado es porque jamas ha intentado nada, te ama tu papi

  2. Hols que tal...soy un simple espectador y nada más.