New Missionaries

One June 13th we welcomed eleven new elders to the mission. We greeted them at the airport, went to the mission home for breakfast and some orientation. We then traveled to the mission office for lunch and more orientation. Later in the afternoon they paired up with missionaires serving in the Las Vegas area. They had the opportunity to teach that evening and stay in missionary apartments. The next morning they were given the assignments to their new areas and met their new companions.
We are always excited for new missionaries to come....they are happy, excited, apprehensive, tired, hungry, ready to hit the ground running and full of anticipation as to who they will be serving with and where they will be serving

Elder Markle
Elder Alexander

Elder Larson

 Elder Weeks

 Elder Alford

 Elder Mouser

 Elder Harding

Elder Strong

Elder Bell

 Elder Stevens

 Elder Lee


  1. My son enters the MTC on July 6th for the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission. I love the blog you have for the mission. I has been a wonderful way to learn more about the mission and the love you have for the missionaries and their families. I look forward to reading about the mission experiences you share with us as he serves.

  2. nj mom7/08/2011

    My son entered the MTC on July 6 for the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission! Thank you for the blog, I look forward to seeing his picture in about 3 weeks and sharing his mission with our entire family.

  3. We look forward to meeting your sons!

  4. Anonymous10/28/2011

    Excited to see all my future mission companions! I enter the mtc december 21st!