From the MTC to the Mission

On Monday morning, October 17, twenty two new missioinaries arrived at the airport straight from the MTC.  We took them to the mission home, fed them, did orientation with them, took them to the mission office, fed them again and did some more orientation.
The hardest thing for them was trying to stay awake!
Their day began at 3:00 a.m. getting ready to leave the MTC, get to the airport,  board the plane and at 9:50 a.m. begin their service in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We are sure happy they are here!

 Elder Palmer

Elder Butler

 Elder Werner

Elder McFadden

Elder Brown

Elder Stuart

Elder Peacock

 Sister Porter

 Elder Koncurat

 Elder Wissinger

Siste Carr

Sister Shaw

Elder Pennington

Elder Florschutz

Elder Haynes

Elder Skinner

 Elder Harker

 Elder Pickens

 Elder Sohkanen

 Elder Sajche-Meza

 Elder Findlay

Sister Garcia


  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog. My son is in the MTC learning Spanish, and will be arriving sometime around the end of November - I think! He is so excited about serving in the NV-LVW Mission! We can't wait to see his picture posted on this site. I'm sure he'll have a big smile on his face! Thanks for caring about all these awesome guys and gals!

  2. Synphorose Garcia11/06/2011

    Thanks for this great blog! What a great way to keep up with things!

    Sister Garcia-Texas Mom

  3. Mike Kredt11/28/2011

    Thank you Sister Black for keeping up this great blog - it's been fun to read about and see the areas and missionaries our Elder (Michael Kredt) will be serving in (and with). We're excited for Elder Kredt, especially since he's arriving there today (Nov.28); Sister Hoskins, sounds like your son might be on that same plane as ours . . . And Texas Mom - great state to be from (we're in the Austin area)

  4. Susan Hoskins11/28/2011

    Yes, he was on the plane today. He was so excited to get to Las Vegas. I'm not from Texas, but I lived for a few years in Oklahoma as a child and loved it there! I'm so excited to see our sons' and all the new missionaries' pictures on this blog. Nevada is going to be an amazing mission for them.