Called to serve in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

On November 28th we welcomed fourteen new missionaries to the mission. We greeted them at the airport, went to the mission home for breakfast and some orientation. We then traveled to the mission office for lunch and more orientation. Later in the afternoon they paired up with missionaires serving in the Las Vegas area. They had the opportunity to teach that evening and stay in missionary apartments. The next morning they were given the assignments to their new areas and met their new companions.

We are always excited for new missionaries to come....they are happy, excited, apprehensive, tired, hungry, ready to hit the ground running and full of anticipation as to who they will be serving with and where they will be serving.

 Elder Shamanis

 Elder Farmer

Elder Baker
Elder Novak
Elder Stock
Elder Sanders
Elder Hoskins
Elder Alms
Elder Navarro
Elder Kredt
Sister Argueta
Elder Crump
Sister Wood
Elder Vierra


  1. Susan Hoskins12/07/2011

    So happy to see our son, Elder Hoskins and all the other new elders and sisters. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures! We'll be praying for them all!

  2. Karrie Alms12/08/2011

    Thank for your kind welcome of our son, Elder Alms and all the other elders and sisters! Fun to see their bright smiles! Godspeed!

  3. Thank you for taking and posting these pictures. It was great to speak with my son, Elder Markle, on Christmas day and to see him in two of the pictures posted. The last time I saw him (in person) was at the airport on May 25th, 2011 when he left for the MTC. I'm very proud of him (in a good way. :) Thanks for taking good care of him and all the other missionaries while they're serving the Lord and sharing his Gospel.