Train the New Missionary with the Trainer Meeting -- January

Because the responsibility to train a new missionary is so important and because the trainer has such a profound and lasting influence on the new missionary's attitudes, habits, and ability to fulfill his or her purpose, a program allowing for an additional 60 minutes to be spent in companion study for the first 12 weeks of the new missionary's mission has been implemented in the mission.

The companionship follows a training schedule that includes studying from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and repractice.

Meetings are held for the trainer before the new missionary comes to the mission to teach how to apply the program. Once the new missionary and the trainer are together there is another meeting held to train the companionship together. Meetings were held in the north and also in the south.

 New missionaries and their trainers in the north area.
Elders Stevens, Novak, Horning, Rogers, Lougee, Marks,
Stene, Weekes, Kakau, Solis, Justice, Pickens

New missionaries and their trainers in the south area.
Elders Rogers, Carver, Buchkovich, Rodriquez, Cedeno, Manning, Alford, Alexander, Caudle
Elders Parra, Matekel, Christensen, Cotti

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