Interviews April 2012

Once again we have had the opportunity to meet with every missionary in the mission while doing interviews. Over the past two weeks we have spent time in the north part of the mission as well as time in the south part of the mission interviewing the Elders and Sisters that serve in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.

As President Black interviewed one on one I visited with the companions and others who were waiting. As each was waiting for his or her turn I asked them to share with me some words of advice, wisdom, counsel or one liners that their moms had shared with them throughout their lives. I told them that I would share their thoughts on the blog sometime around Mother's Day as a way of remembering their moms.   So..........

"Happy Mother's Day!"
                                       (I also asked for advice from the fathers. I will share that for Father's Day.)

Las Vegas Zone

Elder Lento - You should do it because....what if nobody in the world did it?
Elder Summers - "As you have shared in the labor, so shall you share in the triumph of the work."
"God's delays are not God's denials." "I though of you Elders and Sisters doing the work
of Christ ....what a joyous and wonderful work you are doing...accomplishing the impossible
through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...you are truly the hands of the Lord upon the face
of the earth in this dispensation of time, reaching into all eternity. I express my own gratitude
for those who brought the gospel to me that has changed every fiber of my life." Mumsy Summers

Elder Altamirano - Remember that even though the drivers are going faster than you, it doesn't mean
that you have have to go just as fast as them. -- Going out with your friend's is fun but once you
you get home late, then it isn't fun for me.
Elder Rogers - REMEMBER!
Elder McPherson - Don't be trunky!
Elder Lee - Our stake just got 12 baptisms in one month... see if your Winnemucca Stake can beat
Elder Ringer - Mom's advice comes as much through what she does as from what she tells me. So,
her advice is to love much, be patient (with yourself and others), pray for others often, take time
to show you care, smile even when you don't feel like it, forgive first, and follow the Savior.
Elder Hurst - CTR; RWH; RWYA; HAGA!! (Choose the Right, Return with Honor, Remember
Who You Are; Have a Good Attitude!)

Sister Argueta - My mom told me don't do good thing that could be bad things, be obedient
with your Mission President and with all people around you, respect them, and don't come back
before, amd I love you!!
Sister Dixon - Always be obedient so you call down all the blessings from heaven. I love you!

Elder Butler - My mom always shared with me the importance of Jesus Christ's love, and how His
example can help us love others.
Elder Mouser - Work hard and the Lord will bless you for your efforts.

Elder Sanft -- Don't worry about the man you will become, just strive to be like Christ and you will
become the man the Lord wants you to be and in the end a man you will love and be proud of.
Elder Rodriguez - Do good things.
Elder Kakau - My mom passed away but my sister told me to always smile and be obedient.

Elder Buchkovich - My mother has given the words of wisdom more through example. She
doesn't have any catchy phrases like my father and grandfather but as a single mother of six, her
strength, love, and determination are words of wisdom. She has given her life to us kids. No one
gets married expecting to grow old alone. Trusting in the Plan of God; now there's wisdom.
Elder Hoskins - Be a rule-follower, Get along, You don't always have to have everything your
way, When a child comes into this world it should have two loving parents married and
committed to each other, Get a good job and provide for your family.
Elder Izquierdo - Always share love for others even if they were bad with you; Make people happy;
Always do what Jesus would do.
Red Rock Zone

Elder Theurer - There's nothing we'd rather you be doing, no where we'd rather you'd be, and no one
we'd rather you were.
Elder Cooper - I don't think you will lose who you are by serving a mission. I actually think you
will find out who you really are.

Elder Hauser - Never give up, never surrender. You are a very special boy. Take care of your
companions. Just be you.
Elder Quintana - Don't do anything estupid.
Elder Haynes - Don't give up, there are those people that are set apart just for you to teach.

Elder Guist. - Don't do anything stupid; I grew up in a communist country, I'm not scared of you.
Elder Pennington - I love you.
Elder Kidman - Mom: Be careful! Me: I always am! Mom: I know, I just have to say it anyway!

Elder Shamanis - No matter where you go, or who you meet you will always have your family;
Where are you?...*text message*
Elder Polanco - Cuando sientas que no tienes fuerzas saca fuerzas de ami. Porque ani estan todas.
Debes ser un buen misionero. Nunca cambies para mal.
Elder Edwards - Make sure you eat!
Elder Carver - Take it easy on your companions, follow the spirit, make the most of you mission.

Elder Christensen - Don't do anything stupid, Make sure you return with honor.
Elder Chambers - Use sunscreen, Open doors for girls, My son is the best in the world!

Sister Carr - Beee yourself!
Sister Walker - Pray. Never be ashamed to cry when you're feeling the spirit.

Elder Mendez - Bryan, eat healthy! Bryan, don't change too much! Don't over do your neck!
Learn study habits.
Elder Justice - Love the people and if you don't, pray for the gift to love them.
Elder Manning -When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
Elder Alford - You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you might just find
you get what you need -- The Rolling Stones -- A priceless pearl of motherly wisdom. She always
shared it with love.

Elder Rumbach - Motivate your siblings in a positive way. Keep your things clean. Be obedient.
Keep eating healthy. I don't have to ask you for helping me just do it out of your own decision.
Elder Bassett - Care for everyone!

Lone Mountain Zone

Elder Humphrey - A stitch in time saves 9.
Elder Andrews - Don't fly with the turkeys, fly with the eagles.

Elder Naval - Don't be stupid. You can do this. I never said it would be easy, I just said it would be
worth it!
Elder Torgersen - The spirit guides us to be where we're supposed to be if we allow it to. Study
your scriptures to find your answers, not to give you more questions.

Elder Larson - Do you want me to get you a pedometer?
Elder Caudle - You are my favorite child!
Elder Tindall - Never judge a book by its cover!
Elder Paipa - Mom said to love your companion; treat them with the same respect as you do to me!
Mom's always on your side.

Sister Wood - The man who makes no mistakes is the man who does nothing at all. Love you Mom
Sister Shaw - I'll always love you, so don't worry!

Elder Findlay - Wear sun screen!
Elder Sanders - Make sure you put your sunscreen on!

Elder Robison - Never forget who you are.
Elder Parra - Clean your room!
Elder Bradsher - I am proud of you.
Elder Austin - Lose weight - 36 lbs.!
South Zone

Elder Camp - Be nice to your little sisters.
Elder Rice - Remember to eat healthy! Don't drink soda!

Elder Vieira- Love everyone, Be clean!
Elder Skinner - It is better to be trusted than to be loved.
Elder Barton - Never doubt, your mother knows!
Elder McClellan - With the Lords help you can do anything!

Elder Barnes- Do your best in everything you do.
Elder Sajche - Keep your feet planted, your head straight, and always reach for the stars.
Elder Weekes - Life is hard. It's a whole lot harder when you're stupid.
Elder Werner - "Remember who you are" (anytime we left the house)
"Have you had a bowel movement?" (anytime we were sick)

Sister Garcia - Say thank you and be on your best behavior!
Sister Sprouse - Never doubt! Be the hands of the Lord. Be the change you want to see in the world.
Believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Elder Alexander - Be reasonable. Do it my way!
Elder Asay - Enjoy the last part of your mission, don't be a trunky, stinky missionary.
Elder Neufville - She taught me the value of hard work and not giving up on things that I want to accomplish in life. She taught me to be strong and that when times get rough to keep going. Everything that she has ever taught me I am grateful for and for the example she set for me.
Elder Woodard - "You can always move back home! We have a room for you! We love you!" My mother taught me to be self-reliant and to always do my best. She never misses an opportunity to tell me how grateful she is I was born in her family and that she loves me.

Elder Roy - Sharing the gospel is one of tghe best things you can do in your life.
Elder McOmie - Always remember who you are and what you stand for.

Elder Petillot - Obey, if you do that, you will be a great missionary. Share your love! God will watch over you always. I love you!
Elder Bunnell - Forget yourself and get to work. Make the very best of every situation.
Elder Laulusa - Wear out your knees, then your shoes!

Elder Lines - The harder things get, never forget to get on your knees and ask for help when you need it.
Elder Tinoco - Everything has a solution in this life until we die. You are one of a kind...you are the only one! Learn as much as you can in your youth.
Elder Brown - If you're proud of yourself then I'm proud of you! Keep your collar clean.

Tule Springs

Elder Wong - "Kindness starts with you!"
Elder Layton - "Always look for the good." My mom quoting President Uchtdorf
Elder Corvalan - Always remember that God loves you, so smile :)
Elder Pulsipher - Eat everything you are given!

Elder Christensen - Remember you are a leader and follow the Lord.
Elder Markle - Be safe and be smart. When things get tough remember to put on
your happy camper face!
Elder Weaver - Run Red! Run!
Elder Dowuona-Hammond - Always remember that the Lord will bear you up at all times. 

Elder Esplin- CTR. Look both ways before crossing the street. Remember who you are. Return with honor.
Elder Boyce -Say something....grunt at least!
Elder Richardson - Always remember that I'm your mom....and that I love you! Don't get discouraged--remember that you are where you are supposed to be.
Elder Farnsworth - Do your best in life.
Elder Matekel - Listen to the spirit.

Elder Crittenden - Be obedient, work hard, never give up and know that I love you.
Elder Hugie - Humor is the lubricant that smooths out life.
Elder Koncurat - "Be good! Remember who you are." She's always helping me to remember who am and the way I should be and should act.

Elder Peterson - Don't go empty handed. Be careful. Hop into bed. You get what you inspect not what you expect. Thanks a million. Take some initiative.
Elder Packard - Don 't worry, be happy!

Elder Marks - Stay away from women.
Elder Mathis - Behave and work hard.

Elder Jones - Work hard, be happy, never under-estimate yourself. Know that I love you and that
your Heavenly Father and the Savior love you. You will do great in all that you do.
Elder Selvey - Work hard.
Elder Fackrell - I know God lives.
Elder Wissinger - Always have fun!

Sister Knighton - Mom: " Wear Sunscreen!" Sister Knighton: " I am!"
Sister Badger - When you don't obey, bad things happen. I love you. Listen to your dad.


  1. Shauna Hurst5/06/2012

    Wow! How fun to read all the wisdom that follows the missionaries into the field. Thank you Sister Black for all your efforts. We know that our son is in good hands. GOOD LOOKING group of people, especially the Las Vegas Zone CTR RWH RWYA HAGA !! Shauna Hurst

  2. Anonymous5/08/2012

    I loved reading over words of wisdom from moms. It was funny to see how many of them said not to be "stupid". That was hilarious!!! Thanks sis. Black for all you do to keep us updated :)
    -Sis. S. Garcia (sister garcia's mom)

  3. Please say hi to Elder Lee from Elder Mann who is serving in our ward (DC South Mission). He loves the picture. Elder Mann is an outstanding missionary!

  4. Anonymous6/01/2012

    Please tell Elder Theurer and Elder P. Flores Hello from the Dunn Family! My kids still talk about them frequently! We are forever grateful to them!!!!!