Train the New Missionary and the Trainer Meeting - June

A few days after the new missionaries have arrived and have had a chance to settle in and have a few missionary experiences, they along with their companions, come together to meet with President Black and the assistants to review what they are studying during their personal and companion study time. During the first 12 weeks of being in the mission field the new missionaires and their trainers have an outline of things to study and to learn, there are also DVD's to view and they spend time doing role-plays. This meeting helps them to understand the importance of following the plan and to answer questions that may have come to mind as they begin their service as missionaries.

This is a huge group - 24 new missionaries and their trainers
(Italicized is new; plain in trainer)

Elders Hunsaker, Vieira, Skinner, Gregoroy-Tews

 Elders Wilcock, Werner, Woodard, Aldridge, Sanders, Jack

Elders Richards, Mouser, Reyes, Wankier, Hoskins, Benioni, Baker

Elder Baker, Elder Blanco

Elders Solis, Rawlings, Murry, Seaman, Kredt, Chapman

Elders West, Barton, Dowuona-Hammond, San Miguel

Elders  Hart, Lento, Johnson, Weaver, Rumbach, Houghton 

 Sister Fisher, Sister Garcia

Elders Peacock, Tanner, Koncurat, Gidewall 

Elders Wong,John, Cook, Selvey
Elders Parker, Chambers,  Empey, Manning

 Elder Wissinger, Elder Nelson

 Elders Marks, Mathis, Humphrey


  1. Anonymous7/03/2012

    Elder Vieira is an awesome missionary! I baptized his family and got to see him in Portugal before he left on his mission. Now, we've moved back to Ohio to find our good friends the Hoskins have their oldest son in the same mission!

  2. Sue Hoskins7/08/2012

    And I noticed one of the new missionaries, Elder Baker looks a lot like a wonderful woman in our stake. I called to ask if she has a son who's just left on a mission. She said, "I have two sons who just left!" And yes, one of her sons is now in this wonderful mission, serving in the same ward as our son, Elder Hoskins. Our friends who know Elder Vieira have a son who is home from BYU for the summer. He looked at the mission blog pictures and recognized our son's companion, Elder Benioni - a friend from BYU. And THEN, another young man from our ward was just called to this mission. Elder Hoskins will be thrilled to find out that Elder Sellers is on his way to this amazing mission!