12 Week Training Program

 Because the responsibility to train a new missionary is so important and because the trainer has such a profound and lasting influence of a new missionary's attitude, habits, and ability to fulfill his or her purpose, each each new missionary companionship is asked to implement a program allowing for an additional 60 minutes to be spent in companion study for the first 12 weeks of the new missionary's mission. The program has a training schedule that will include study from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and repractice. 

Meetings are held for the trainer before the new missionary comes to the mission to teach how to apply the program. Once the new missionary and the trainer are together for a few days, there is another meeting held to train the companionship together and to share their teaching and learning opportunities.and experiences.   Those who have used this program have thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the training that it provides for both the new missionary and the senior companion.

Those companionships implementing the 12 week program

Elders Torgerson, Gregory-Tews, Austin, Hunsaker
Elders Benioni, Perez, Park, Carlson
Elders Smith,  Pulsipher, Kaelberer, Steenstra

Sisters Shaw, Pardee, Dillistone, Rasmussen, Christensen, Carr
Elders Godfrey, Wrathall, Brown, Naranjo
Elders Schwartz, Packard
Elder Pennington, Jacobsen, Parra, Lane
Elders Richards, Caudle, Craft, Long
Elders Solis, Tanner, Guist, Reeves
Elders Ririe, Bruce, Hymas, Wankier, Butler
Elders Pyron, Mendez, West, Parker
Elders Buchkovich, Paz, Diaz
Elders Polanco, Schmidt, Jones, Quintana
Elders Skinner, Johnson
Elders Giullian, Markle
Elders Ete, Driggs, Dowdle, Millar
Elders Williams, Crapo, Cunningham
Elders Tinoco, Wynn, Cedillo, Hurst, Hart, Gott
Elders Scola, Barton

(Mission are Elders Doss and Dooley)

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