Zone Leader Council -- August 2012

Zone Leader Council was held Thursday, August 9th. This is a meeting where all the zone leaders are brought together to be trained, to set goals, and to discuss what is
happening throughout the mission in the differnet zones. With the transfer that just
took place this past week many changes have taken place. There is a new assistant and also
a number of new zone leaders. Another big change is that
there were three new zones created in the mission. This brings
the number of zones up to nine. The zones are: Highland Hills,
Lakes, Las Vegas, Lone Mountain, Mesquite, Redrock, South,
Spring Mountain, and Tule Spirngs.

"For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled."
Mormon 8:22

Front: Elders Mouser, Weaver, Fairbanks, Humphrey Rogers, Weeks
Back: Elders Jones, Stanley, Lopez, Ringsr, Larson, Oakey, Champers, Edwards, Zachary, Lee, Alford, Findlay, Vieira, Salinas
Elder Humphrey and Elder Fairbanks

Training and Role Playing

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