Train the trainers and the New Missionaries

After the new missionaries have had a few days to experience missionary life, all the companionships come together for a meeting to review what they should be studying during their personal and companion study time.

The new companionship follows a training schedule that includes studying from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs  that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and re-practice.

By applying what they are learning in their studies each morning to their teaching
they are on their way to having a great mission experience.

 Elders Kraft, Jones, Wilcock, Stewart
 Elders Seaman, Giullian, Lloyd, Perez, Garcia, Benioni, Reyes, Short
 Elders Gray, Aldridge, Jack, Walker

Sister Dewey, Sister Carr
 Elders Gray, Baker, Aldridge, Benioni, Seaman, Reyes, Short, Lloyd, Garcia, Perez
 Elder Reeves, Koncurat

 Sisters Cox, Christensen, Ali'ifua, Argueta, McKnight, Badger
 Elder Tunney, Tanner, Manning, Pierre-Louis
 Sisters Brady, Garcia, Luamana, Fisher
Elder Herlin, Wilkerson, Felos, Murry
Elder Sellers, Elder Werner
 Elders Seljestad, Houghton, Johnson, Barlow

 Elders Hymas, Markle, Packard, Deppe
Elder Fairbanks, Elder Weekes


  1. Love the Blog. It's so fun to see my son in the pictures. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I can't wait to tell his dad.

  2. Amy Hanson10/12/2012

    So glad to see Sister Missionaries in the photos. My daughter will soon be joining the ranks. Looks like she will be in good hands, and fit in wonderfully.

  3. I just found this blog and was so excited to see my son. Thank you so much for posting these pictures and keeping up to date on the happenings in Las Vegas.

    Lisa Walker