Transfers - January 21, 2013

Another six weeks has flown by
!t is  time for some to pack their bags and meet up with new companions,
discover new areas and work with new investigators. 
It is time for others to recommit to working with the same companions,
working in the same area and continuing to find new investigators.
Whatever the situation, the work continues to move on!
 President Black, Elder Fairbanks and Elder Weekes
working on the logistics of the transfer.



Click the link below to see more pictures of the transfer.



  1. It makes our family so happy to see our Elderʻs pic here on the blog every so often! Mahalo Nui Loa for taking care of him for us! The Benioni ʻOhana.

  2. Anonymous2/14/2013

    Hi Benioni Family, Elder Pérez and Elder Benioni are next to each other in this picture. They are good friends and as you say, it's very nice to see them, but also to see them together and happy. Happy Valentine's Day from the Pérez Family.

    Mireya S. de Pérez