Train the New Missionaries with their Trainer Meeting

The new missionaries have been here for a few days now and hopefully
had a few missionary experiences.
As we see them, we see they are a little more at ease.
They, along with their companions (their trainers), had the opportunity
to come together with President and Sister Black, President Andersen and the
Assistants to do a little more training to make sure the first 12 weeks are
off to a smooth start.

Elder Jack and Elder Ringer
Elder Reaser and Elder Wynn
Elder Frost and Elder Crapo
Elder Bruce and Elder Romrell
Elder Stowell and Elder Jacobsen
Sister Christensen and Sister Cornelson
Sister Partner and Sister Dewey
Elder Moa and Elder Mouser
Elder Myers and Elder Felos
Elder Miller and Elder Houghton
Elder Chambers and Elder Bloomfield
Elder Brinkworth and Elder Murry
Elder Bee and Elder Aldridge
Elder Barton and Elder Seljestad
Elder Sanders and Elder Dilley-Simpson
Elder Van Etten and Elder Hurst
Elder Conklin and Elder Jarman
Elder Deppe and Elder Bloemke
Elder Birch and Elder Tanner
Elder Tews and Elder George
Elder Hunsaker and Elder Till
Elder Wilcock and Elder Cease
Elder Campbell and Elder Park
Elder Empey and Elder Reed

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