Quarterly Temple Day

On February 6 the missionaries were able to attend the Las Vegas Temple. 
Everyone looks forward to temple day.  We are able to go once quarterly.
Because the temple is not in our mission, the missionaries depend on members to
give them rides.  The members are always so willing to help out in so many ways.
It was a great day!
Because we do not all attend at the same time, I was only able to get pictures of
some of those that I saw going into the temple at the same time we were going in.



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  1. Oh my goodness!! I feel like I struck gold tonight. I had no idea there was a blog for the mission. I learned more tonight than I have ever about what goes on in the mission and I have seen more pictures of Elder Zachary than I have seen his whole mission. Thank you so much for the blog, pictures, and all you and President Black do for the mission and the missionaries. We are eternally grateful.

    The Zachary's in Louisiana