Mesquite Zone Training Meeting

This week we drove out to Mesquite and attended their Zone Training
Meeting.  Elder Dowuana-Hammond and Elder Edwards did a great
job of teaching how to recognize and understand the spirit.
We talked about the importance of removing distractions as
a lesson is being taught, and the importance of not only having a
testimony but also of being converted.

 Distractions such as dogs running around the room
(Elder Stowell made a great dog running around!) .......
 or the use of the cell phone.
(Elder Jacobsen was a distraction to all of us as he was talking on the phone!)






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  1. We just sent Elder Ethan Darby off this morning. He spent the four hours from Atlanta to SLC speaking with a woman from Haiti and placed his first Book of Mormon on his mission this morning! We're looking forward to hearing from him and following - and praying for - all of you in the Nevada Las Vegas West mission!