Train the Trainers Meeting

On Monday we will have 26 new missionaries come into our mission.
Because the responsibility to train a new missionary is so important and because the trainer has such a profound and lasting influence on the new missionary's attitudes, habits, and ability to fulfill his or her purpose, a program allowing for an additional 60 minutes to be spent in companion study for the first 12 weeks of the new missionary's mission is part of the morning study and morning program.
The companionship follows a training schedule that includes studying from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and re-practice.

A meeting was held on Friday for the trainers before the new missionaries arrive to teach them how to apply the program. Once the new missionary and the trainer are together there will be another meeting held to train the companionship together.

Nine of the new missionaries will be Sisters.


  1. Our son, Elder Darby, is one of those 26 new missionaries who arrived today. He loved his short time in the MTC and is excited to begin the new training program. We'll be watching the blog for updates!

    Thanks so much for all you do.

  2. Jeanne, My daughter is one of them as well.I'm so glad Sister Black is maintaining this blog so we can stay updated. So, THANK YOU President & Sister Black for taking good care of our children.

  3. Anonymous2/28/2013

    My son, Dillon Spear, received his call today to this mission. June MTC date. He is excited to join your mission!