Every once in a while missionaries will come back to the mission to visit
the members and those they baptized while serving here. Sometimes they
are also able to come back for a baptism of someone they were working with
before they left or to attend a sealing in the temple of those they worked with
while here.
Because Las Vegas is also a place where  lots of
business meetings and conventions are held, we often have the opportunity to meet
parents and family members who come to town. 
We love meeting the families of our missionaries!
  However, I do have to remind visitors that it is against Church policy for the missionaries
to have visits from family members, friends and acquaintances while they are serving
 on their mission.

 Front - Ammon Cummings, Blacks, Ryan Matekel
Back - David Marsh, Eric Tanner, Derek Welker, Stephen Bowzer, AJ Justice, Tyler Mathis
Robert Stevens, Alan Lougee
Elder Houghton's parents
Elder Hunsaker's father


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