Visa Waiters Coming and Going

Once again we welcome three visa waiters to our mission as we
send another one on his way to where he has been called to serve.
Elder Skinner, after having served here for three months, finally
got his visa and was able to leave Las Vegas and fly to
Tampico Mexico.   We loved having him here and
wish him the best in Tampico.

Elders Rentz, Loveland and Smith have been called to serve in
the Mexico City East Mission. They will serve here until their visas come through.

Elder Smith, Elder Short and Elder Schmidt
Elder Koncurat, Elder Hurst, Elder Van Etten and Elder Loveland
Elder Fairbanks, Elder Rentz and Elder Ringer

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  1. Anonymous2/05/2013

    Woow, amazing, Elder Pérez (my son) is from Tampico and serving in Las Vegas and Elder Skinner served in Las Vegas and now is coming to Tampico. Hope to see you here Elder Skinner. He's going to love Tampico.
    Sister Pérez