Train the New Missionaries and their Trainers Meeting

We met this morning with all the new missionaries and their trainers.
The new missionaries are all looking a little more relaxed and
at least have their suitcases unpacked.  Hopefully, all of them
have had the opportunity to teach at least one lesson.
The purpose of the meeting this morning was to review what it is they should
be studying during their personal and companion study time and to
do a little bit of training.
 Elder Reeves and Elder Tautuiaki
 Elder Cicerone and Elder Pennington
 Elder John and Elder Lee
 Elder Herlin and Elder Fallon
 Elder Percy and Elder Lane
 Elder Ballard and Elder Kraft
 Elder Schmidt and Elder Tuua
 Elder Dowdle and Elder Biggs
 Elder Powers and Elder Millar
 Elder Oakey and Elder Darby
 Elder Barlow and Elder Madore
 Sister Pulsipher and Sister Luamanu
 Sister Clutts and Sister Garcia
 Sister Monson and Sist Hanson
 Sister Carr, Sister Larson, Sister Cox
 Elder Giullian and Elder Neilsen
 Sister Johnson and Sister Rasmussen
 Elder Sellers and Elder Colton
 Elder Harper and Elder Weekes
 Sister Long and Sister Ali'ifua
 Sister McKnight and Sister Badoni
 Elder Kaelberer and Elder Goold
 Elder Deppe and Elder White
 Elder Cutrer and Elder Gray
 Sister Shaw and Sister Chapman
Elder Strong and Elder Wrathall

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  1. Anonymous3/02/2013

    Sister Black,
    Thanks for keeping this blog updated. It really is great to see our sons and daughters out in the mission field. It also brings back many, many memories of serving my mission.
    Thanks again,
    Jim Powers