Comings and goings in the mission!

Elder and Sister Conder left last
 week as they completed their mission.  They
have been serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission
for the past 18 months.  We certainly do appreciate
all that they have done.  We thank them and wish them
well as they return home and look forward to new adventures!

We also say farewell to Sister Young who has been serving in the Employment
Office.  She has been a blessing to many, many people through her service.
Farewell and Best Wishes Sister Young!



As we say farewell to some, we also extend a warm welcome to Sister Dana.
She will be taking over Sister Conder's place, working with the baptismal records,
cell phones, and referrals.   Welcome to our office family!

We also welcome Sister Houseman to the mission.  Sister
Houseman is from Alberta Canada.  She will be working
in the Family Services Employment Center.

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