Train the New Missionaries and their Trainers

The new missionaries have been here for a few days now and hopefully
had a few missionary experiences.
As we see them, we see they are a little more at ease.
They, along with their companions (their trainers), had the opportunity
to come together with  President Andersen, President Webb, and the
Assistants to do a little more training to make sure the first 12 weeks are
off to a smooth start.
Elder Stewart, Elder Saunders
Sister Akemon, Sister Cornelsen
Elder Chase, Elder Bee
Sister Clutts, Sister Enszer
Elder Barker, Elder Lee
Sister Ridley, Sister Christensen
Elder Long, Elder Gonzales
Elder Robinson, Elder Campbell
Sister Mataele, Sister Belliston
Elder Vieira, Elder Mavromatis
Elder Hutchings, Elder Jones
Elder Lawniczak, Elder Steenstra
Elder Golden, Elder Reel
 Elder Blanco, Elder Kennedy

 Elder Koluse, Elder Zachary
 Elder Beddoes, Elder Sellers
 Elder Olive, Elder Smith
 Elder Reyes, Elder Pyron
Elder Titus, Elder Findlay
ElderWilson, Elder Ringer
Elder Cipriano, Elder George
Missing -
Sister Snider and Sister Pulsipher


  1. I love seeing my son (Elder Titus) on this blog... please keep this going when the new mission president comes this summer :)

  2. Anonymous4/24/2013

    We would like to thank you
    From the bottom of our hearts,for the time and energy
    You have put into this blog,
    With us in mind,....it is being watched,more than the BBC��
    Here in England....

    Love from parents,
    Family,and friends,

  3. Anonymous4/28/2013

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. Elder Reyes looks great! We are very proud of these guys!

    Bro Reyes

  4. Good luck and God Bless to the newly missionaries.


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