Mission Leadership Council - May 2013

Another history making event took place this week in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
Mission Leadership Council has replaced Zone Leader Council.
The Brethren have changed this meeting so that it will allow elders as well as sisters who have been called to serve in leadership positions to attend the council meetings.
Sisters Luamanu, Cox, Christensen and Dewey have been called to serve as Sister Training Leaders.
These sisters will help train other sisters.  They are also responsible to conduct companion exchanges with other sisters and are a vital part of mission leadership.
This month's meeting was focused on "How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes?" 
 There was some great training and some helpful role-plays that took place.
Sisters Luamanu, Cox, Christensen, Dewey, Black 
(From right to left) Elders Wilcock, Dowuona-Hammond, Perea, Park, Crapo, Tanner, Perez, Woodard, Peacock, Seaman, Aldridge, Werner, Torgersen, Carlson, Johnson, Alford, Manning, Parker, Caudle, West,Gregory-Tews, Larson, Edwards, Ririe, Kredt, Butler, President Black


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