Called to Serve!

Wow...where did the past 6 weeks go!
Once again, on Monday morning, May 20th, we
welcomed another group of new missionaries!
We waited at the airport for
a group of sharping looking Elders and Sisters
to come down the escalator!
And, as usual, someone who was on the plane came
before they did and said, "There is a whole plane full
of them.....they are coming!"
This week we welcomed 3 sisters and 22 elders.
Eight of the elders are visa waiters and will only be in our
mission until they get their visas to go to either to Mexico or Brazil.
We are excited to have all 25 here!



Sisters Baker, Hoffman, Kekauoha, Elders Alsdorf, Dodge, Jett, Adams, Jackson, Hart, Heidinger

Elders Denton, Shanklin, Stockett, Mellor, Matthews, Ilano, Johnson
-Visa Waiters- 
Elders Blegen, West, Kelly, Pollard, Davis, Dorrough, Gaytan, Harris


Sister Kekauoha

 Sister Hoffman

 Sister Baker

Elder Kelly
Elder Pollard
Elder West
Elder Jackson

Elder Adams

 Elder Dodge

Elder Jett

 Elder Stockett

Elder Matthews

Elder Dorrough

Elder Ilano

Elder Gayton

Elder Davis

Elder Blegen

Elder Hart

Elder Mellor

Elder Heidinger

Elder Johnson

 Elder Denton

Elder Harris

Elder Shanklin

Elder Alsdorf
To see additional pictures and a video click the link below:


  1. Sister Black!

    Hooray for you and this blog!!! I love this!! This may very well be the only way I will ever see pictures of my son ;) Thanks for doing this. Mission Presidents are so very necessary in helping to build up the kingdom...and its the Mission President's wives who make the kingdom feel like a home for all those who are laboring in it. Thank you thank you! I look forward to reading the happenings here.

    Love, Celinda Johnson (mom to Elder Johnson - greenie)

  2. I second what Sister Johnson just wrote. My grandson is Elder Dodge, also a new missionary. We served as mission president and wife back in 02 in San Diego. Wish I'd known about blogging back then. Such a good way to help the family feel the spirit of the mission and get a view of their missionary. It is good to know Jason is in good hands--yours and the Lord's.

    Love, Sister Olsen