Capturing a few fun moments between training and interviews!

Elkhorn Springs

Highland Hills Zone

Lakes Zone


Las Vegas Zone

Lone Mountain Zone


Meadows Zone

Mesquite Zone

Red Rock Zone



 Sandstone Zone


South Zone

Spring Moutnain Zone

Tule Springs Zone



  1. Sister black
    Joseph smith said......a man filled with the love of God,is not content with blessing his family alone,but ranges through the whole world,anxious to bless the whole human race.,,,,

    You have extended that love to each of the families and friends of each of those missionaries,
    Love the Kennedy's

  2. Susan Hoskins5/21/2013

    As if posting pictures of each and every missionary, and their comments to their moms (and later their dads) isn't enough --- we also get to see these fun and goofy pictures. I love them! Thank you so much Sister Black for taking and posting these precious pictures. I feel like this blog is a wonderful little window I get to look through to see pictures of my son, and all the other wonderful missionaries in the NLVW Mission. Words cannot express my gratitude!
    Sue Hoskins - very proud mom of Elder Christopher Hoskins