Interviews - April 2013

For the past few weeks we have been involved in interviews.
We always look forward to interviews because it is time spent with every missionary in the mission.
As President Black was interviewing  I had  time to do some training with the missionaries.
Before we started our training I asked each elder and sister to share with me some words of advice, wisdom, counsel or one liners that their moms had shared with them throughout their lives. I told them that I would share their thoughts on the blog sometime around Mother's Day as a way of remembering their moms. So, realizing next week is Mother's Day...........

"Happy Mother's Day, Moms!"

(I also asked them to share thoughts from their fathers.
 I will share those thoughts around Father's Day.)
Elkhorn Springs Zone
 Elder Carlson - Be outstanding!
Elder Strong - There is someone out there waiting just for you to teach them -
Go find them!
Sister Dewey - Smile...it makes you more attractive.
Sister Partner - Love the people you'll meet.
Elder Empey - Love everyone you meet / work with.
Elder Parker - Don't forget to wash your sheets every week!
Elder Wrathall - Don't share your medicine too much with your companions.
You've always been my favorite!
Elder Naranjo - The distance between you and the Heaven is the same distance from your
knees and the ground."  James M. Bonilla
Sister Johnson - I love my missionary!
Sister Rasmussen - It's okay to laugh and be yourself!  Mind yo mannos!
Elder Millar - Be a friend to everyone!
Elder Powers - Always be a good example.
Elder Matthew Jones - No empty chairs!  It is our family motto!
Elder Hutchings - Clean your room!

Sandstone Zone 
Elder Olive - Always remember your name.
Elder James Smith - Ig-Ig-nor-nor-nor: repeated 3 times.
Elder Aldridge - Let me hear it.
Elder Tews - Be safe, always wear your helmet!
Elder Beddoes - Serve a mission, get sealed in the temple and always serve with love and the spirit.
Elder Sellers - Keep on drawing!

Sister Snider - Love and serve all you meet.
Sister Pulsipher - "How's my girl?!"
Remember not to run faster than you have strength.
Continue in diligence and the Lord will take care of the rest.
I love you!  From the heart, Mom
Elder Dominique Lee - Did you take out the trash?
"Somebody from New York loves you."  T-Shirt
Elder John - Always be willing to forgive, and always be willing to apologize.
Elder Zachary - Always know that your mother loves you.
Elder Koluse - Work hard and wake up in the morning early.
Love the people in my mission and my companion.
It's better for me to bring you back home in a coffin than return back home with no honor.
And then she said I love you. 

Las Vegas Zone

 Elder Seljestad - Be clean, keep rules, work hard.
Elder Baker-Natera  -  Watch out for the young women and don't forget to write me!
Elder Cedillo - Set the example.  Clean your room!!  I love you.
Allow the Lord to mold you into what he wants you to be, not what you want to be.
Elder Kyle Tanner - Brush and floss your teeth, say your prayers and go to bed.
Elder Perea - Be good, play more sports, I want you to kneel down every day to pray. 
Did you read your scriptures today?  Be patient with others, they also have to put up with you.
Elder Perez - I don't care about 'so and so' he is not my son!  I only care about you! (when excusing myself with other people's behavior). Remember your family and their example.
Elder Diaz - Work hard, share with others always, smile, be respectful, help others all the time,
clean the room, be independent, be educated. Take a shower!
Elder Johnathan Barton - My moms first letter she said, " Whenever you get down, my son, just know the Lord is there to wrap his arms around you to keep you safe and return you back to me in one piece."

Elder Schmidt - Be nice to your sisters.  Drive smoothly, you're making me carsick.
 Do your homework.
Elder Chambers - Be a good boy.
Elder Till - I love you , and most importantly, your Heavenly Father loves you.
Elder Rumbach - I don't have to ask you to do your responsibility, you will be happier if you do it our of yourself.  Always positively encourage children to do something, always do your best, God will make up for it.
Elder Deppe - Go mow the yard, please.  Take a deep breath.  Your dad and I know you better than you know yourself!
Elder Dial - Have fun!  Do your best."
Elder Tuua - Learn all I can from the mission and love everyone!  And no one can cook good food like me.  Return with honor.
Sister Ridley - Calm down the Lord loves you, you will be a good missionary.
Sister Christensen - Remember who you are!

Elder Reeves - Write long detailed emails every week.  Is that too much to ask?
Elder Seaman - Be good.
Elder Wissinger - Always remember to have fun.
Elder Cipriano - Be respectful and return with honor.  Be faithful and serve the Lord.
 Love the Lord and those you serve.
Elder Torgerson - Bury your weapons.
Elder George - Cook with butter and love.
Elder Tautuiaki -" Live to love the gospel and love to live the gospel."
Elder Marstella - Remember who you are, what you stand for, and where you came from.

Sister Mataele - Just do it!
 Sister Belliston - Be true to who you are and stick up for yourself, just like I taught you!
Elder Pennington - Manage your money, Sure love you.
Elder Murry - I love you.
Elder Cicerone - Love people for who they are not for what they have done.
Elder Brinkworth - Be safe.  Don't do anything stupid.

Lone Mountain

Elder Wynn  - Me: (Some problem or question); My mom: "Well in the scriptures, in the Book of ...."
 Elder Reaser - "Treat others the way you want to be treated."
Elder Gonzales - "If you are doing what God commands, you don't ever have to be afraid."
Elder Long - There isn't really one thing that I can say that influenced me a lot, but a bunch of small things that worked together to make me into the man I am today.  Mom always showing support and love in everything that I did.  Thanks mom you are the best.
Elder Manning - "Go outside and play;...I'm sleeping."
Elder Ete - "You are my baby boy."  la e tama lelei.  Faitau ua tusitusiaga paia.  Toaga e tatalo.
Sister Badoni - "To thine own self be true then it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man"  Shakespeare
Sister McKnight - Let yourself be great.

Elder Butler - "Let Jesus Christ be the anchor of your life."
Elder Wilcock - Buck up!  God lives. Obedience is the first law of heaven.  Hell is the easy way!
Elder Oakey - Buy low, sell high.  Get educated.  People are more important than anything else.
Focus on one thing at a time.  Shut up and feel the spirit.
Elder Darby - Go see if your dad needs help!  Don't let yourself get down. I love you more.
I love your Dad. I love you.  (I have the best parents ever!)
Elder Mouser - I love your.  You're my favorite son!
Elder Moa - Trust in the Lord and everything will fall into place.


Elder Romrell - The key to be successful is prayer, study and obeying with exactness.
Elder Stewart - "There are problems, then there are prople-tunities."
Elder Hurst - CTR, RWH, RWYA, HAGA, UTW.
Elder Saunders - MYOB (mind your own business)
Elder Kredt - Your individual conversion will be of greatest importance.  Your life everyday will be affected by this important gospel principle.
Elder Barker - You are not yet as of Job.  Your afflictions are but a small moment and if you endure it well, then your owie will go away.
Elder Conklin - Live and serve in a way that you can return with honor and dignity.
Elder David Lee - It'd be a good idea to replace that less active family's potted plant you broke on their doorstep.
Elder Werner - "Obey with exactness: You owe it to the Lord."
Elder Frost - Smile!  You never know how your attitude will affect someone.

Elder Myers - Satan is a liar!  Clean your room!  Honey!  Do for me!  I love you Crayson!
Elder Felos - It's lonely at the top.  When people are telling you to do stuff you know is wrong, just smile and then do what you feel is right.  Do what you know is right, no matter what the circumstances.
Elder Cook - Take time to stop and think.  Remember I love you, sleep tight, choose the right, don't let the bed bugs bite!
Elder Gidewall - I'm hungry, will you run to the store and get me some ice cream?
Sister Cornelsen - The stress won't leave until you've finished the work and done it well.  The sooner you work, the better you'll feel.
Sister Akemon - You don't do just what you can, you give it your all!
Elder Dowuona-Hammond - Matthew 6:32
Elder Alford - "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff."

Red Rock Zone
Elder Benioni - "I love you all the way up to the moon."  "Don't be a lazy husband."
Elder Tinoco - Treat others as you want to be treated.  The service starts at home.
 Pray to God and tell him all your situations.
Elder Rene Reyes - You have to be the very best of everything you do, even if you're the only one that does it.  The only limits you have are the ones you make up in your mind.
Elder Hoskins - Be charitable, think of others, be flexible, stand up for what's right, be a good sport, when you're a fan of a sports team you stick with it.  Serve a mission!!!
Elder Pierre-Louis - One day you will realize that I was right all the time.  You are my smartest and most humble child.  Respect your mother, you will live longer, show respect to all women.
Elder Devin John - Always eat your greens.  Half your plate should be salad!

Elder West - See you sweetie!  Be safe!
Elder Campbell - You got this!!! I love you, Be yourself (on the way to school), You may not know this but you are a leader whether you like it or not, an example to your friends.
Elder Benjamin Manning - Don't change too much, I like you the way you are.
Elder Robinson - Remember that you are always loved and we will love you not matter what.
Elder Taylor Reyes  - You'll do great, I love your personality.  You are my favorite son.  You're making the right choice.  I'll miss you and love you sweetie!!!
Elder Pyron - You don't want to put it off till the last moment...
Elder Barlow - No amount of money is worth your integrity.
Elder Madore - Be smart, don't do something stupid.
Elder Sanders - Put on sunscreen!  Heavenly Father will support you and strengthen you.
Elder Reed - You're working too much on the outside, you need to be more focused on the inside.
Go out there and have fun.  You need to care what people think.   Be a good example.
Say a prayer.
Elder Lawniczak - Mom is always loving and built my confidence in my abilities.
Elder Steenstra - Always use your manners, be nice, be yourself.  Always be an example no matter what the situation or who is watching.
Elder Solis Lozano - Work hard, don't be lazy.  Follow the rules so you and your companion can have the companionship of the Holy Ghost.
Elder Salinas - Be wise, patient and loving.  The Lord will help you, any doubt of it.  Have faith in him and wait with patience and learn from everything
She is very encourage-ey!

Tule Springs Zone

Elder Ballard - Expand your horizons, "Put socks on,"  Be a good roommate.
Elder Larson - "Did you just rolls your eyes at me?"
Elder Nelson - Remember who you are.
Elder Biggs - Choose the right, remember who you are, and return with honor.
Elder Dowdle - Please, please don't be weird when you get back from your mission.
Elder Woodard - "Screw your head on straight!" Please, go water the garden."
Elder Polanco - No agas nada que Sea Vueno Pero que Paresca malo.
Elder Kraft - "Does it....have to be two years?"
Elder Bruce - Do your hair.  Palominos!  They're gorgeous!
Elder Bee - Make sure you wash behind your ears.
Elder Miller - Bathe daily!
Elder Chase - Be careful, stay safe, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen.
Sister Ali'ifua - "Go forth with faith and love those you serve and those you serve with."
Sister Long - "Marina, be exactly obedient....please! "  I am mom!! :)
Elder Findlay - Remember who you are.
Elder Titus - Always remember whose name you have on your chest, who you represent,
and why you are here!
Mesquite Zone

Elder Jacobsen - Times will get tough but we love you and so does the Lord,
stay faithful and you will be great and progress.
Elder Herlin - Ratfarts!
Elder Fallon - We're moving to Texas!
Elder Stowell - When you give me a choice, I always choose the right one.

 Elder Don Nielsen - Have a loving heart towards investigators.  Work hard everyday.
Don't think about home and go to work.
Elder Giullian -  She taught me...how to iron a shirt, sacrifice for things you love, how to cook,
how to do laundry.
Elder Wilson - Remember who you are and just be yourself.  Work hard and have fun.
Elder Ringer - Love, work, smile, pray and do it all again!
Elder Ririe - Turn it down when you get in the neighborhood :)
Elder Edwards - Keep both hands on the wheel, drive defensively, be safe.  Have fun and do great work.  Remember your family loves you.

Sister Enszer - Love everyone no matter what.
Sister Clutts - Remember who you are.
Elder Gray - Pray about it.
Elder Cutrer - He finally learned to wear a helmet in October!
Elder Buchkovich - Good example of strength and peace.
Elder Lloyd - Always remember to thank the lord for everything you have
and remember Him in everything.

Elder Grant Jones - Just be friends with everybody
Elder Garcia Zepahua - Be always a gentleman.  Do the best you can in all things.  Be worthy of your eternal companion.  Ricardo, do it now!!
Elder Percy - Remember who you are and what you stand for.  You already know what to do so just do it!  Why do you keep asking for food, JUST EAT IT!
Elder Jack - Women are smarter than men.
Elder Godfrey - Don't ring your companions neck! I never have to get on you because you are always harder on yourself.
Elder Paz - Be wise with your time, love everyone you come in contact with and be the man Heavenly Father wants you to be.
Elder Corcoran - If you want to bake a cake, you have to crack some domes.
Elder Lane - What are you going to do when you go off to school and your mission and I'm not there
to wake you up?

Highland Hills Zone
 Elder Golden - Work hard till the end of your mission.
Elder Reel - Eat healthy and always have hormone free milk.
Elder Pulsipher- If you can't get along, sit down and stare at each other until you can.
Elder Chapman - Do not be discouraged!  Fight on my strong warrior,
and know that the Lord is in charge!
Elder Peacock - Remember to choose the right and be honest.
Elder Crapo - We can do hard things. No matter how old you are you are never too
old to hug your mom.
Elder Weekes - It's always the little things that make the biggest difference.
Elder Blanco - Everything that's worth it is not easy.
Elder Kennedy - Your mission will be hard, but nothing easy is worth having.
Elder Harper - Always   stay in motion with the spirit.  Work hard. Love at home.
Keep doing what you're doing.

Sister Cox - "Because I said so". She taught me that respect was a two way street and never
invaded my privacy but trusted me.  In return she rightly expected me to trust her and not question
her.  I am so thankful she recognized my worth and my potential.
Sister Larson - Follow all the rules and always stay with your companion.
Elder Tunney - Obey with exactness.
Elder Hymas - Never assume you fully know someone.  Be happy.
Elder Jarman - My mom hasn't really told me anything worth noting.  However, she has shown me how to love, obey and follow the spirit.
Elder Walker - Live life with no regrets.
Elder Fugate - It's not the flowers themselves.  Flowers are, bu themselves, pretty useless. 
The only things flowers are really good at are allergies and showing that you care.
South Zone 
 Sister Monson - You are a temple under construction.
Sister Hanson - Be prayerful.  Be careful.
Elder Driggs - Remember who you are.
Elder Cease - Always remember you represent your family at all times.
Elder Park - Rememer who you are.
Elder Nunez - Just know that we are all proud of you for doing Heavenly Father's will.
Elder Caudle - You are my favorite son!
Elder Woodey - Mom, you always bless me with so much spiritual guidance
 that it's hard to pick a favorite.
 Elder Loertscher - We will never give up on you, imagine how much more your Heavenly Father believes in you.
Elder Wilkerson - Always be yourself and never sacrifice who you are.  I love you.
Elder Birch - My mother taught and showed me everything about life.  I am who I have become
because of her.
Elder Selvey - Always do your best!
Elder San Miguel - Be patient in all things and love your companion.  Be strong and keep
the faith.  Don't eat too much, start your diet!
Elder Logan Smith - Don't call me from the hospital!
Elder White - Always be yourself, even through your mission. (midnight talks)
Elder Dilley-Simpson - I'm proud of your choice to serve a mission.  It will be
on of the best choices you will make.

 Elder Wong - "I'm not your stuffs babysitter."
Elder Lapeyrouse - "Be yourself."
Elder Bloomfield - "Make your family proud."
Elder Houghton - 'Educate yourself."

Spring Mountain Zone 
Elder Johnson - Be yourself and let the people know how great you really are.
Elder Koncurat - "Be good, have fun and remember who you are!"
Elder Markle - No matter what happens in life, no matter what trials you will go through, I'll always be proud of you and I'll always love you.
Elder Mavromatis - Be strong and have courage on your mission and we will do the same here. 
Never forget that you are a representative of Jesus Christ.
Elder Vieira - Be polite and patient in all situations.
Elder Joshua Tanner - If you're not 10 minutes early, you're late!  Keep your room clean enough so that if Grandma Tanner were to come tomorrow she wouldn't be really upset.

Elder Scola - no hagas todo lo que veas otros hacer, ten paciensia que tovo va a estar bien.
se un ejemplo, lo que tu no veas en ti otros lo veran.
Elder Butler - Love all the people you meet because you can make a change!
Elder Brenden Baker - Be yourself because that's the greatest person you can be.
Be the best you can be. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. "Watch me!"
Elder Brown - Remember that I love you.
Elder Dooley - No matter what happens, so, I will always love you.
Elder Kaelberer - Love everyone....companions, members, investigators, other missionaries!
Be yourself!  Exercise!
Elder Goold - Keep the faith.  Do what the Lord has asked you to do.

Elder Doss - "If you can't work with people it doesn't matter how good you are at what you do."
Elder Lopez - You represent Christ.  He sees people for who they can be not for what
flaws they have.
Elder Short - Treat your mom the way you would treat your wife.
Elder Hunsaker - Mom:' You better be good or I'll beat you up"
Me: "I'm 300 pounds, mom...."
Mom: "I brought you into this world, I can take you out."
Me: Yes ma'am!"
Elder Van Etten - "Don't worry about anything on your mission, just leave everything to the Lord, and everything will be just fine."
Sister Chapman - Remember to turn to Heavenly Father in prayer.  He will bless and help you.
Sister Luamanu - Never distance yourself from God, once you distance yourself from Him, guess who moved? You! and you will not find happiness at all.
To each there comes in their lifetime
a special moment when they are
figuratively tapped on the shoulder and
offered the chance to do a very special
thing, unique to them and fitted to their talent.
What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or
unqualified for that which could have been their fines hour.
                          - Winston Churchill
This is your special moment!


  1. Anonymous5/06/2013

    Thank you soooooo much for taking the time to share pictures and the word from the moms. I had a fun time reading all of them.
    Sister Pérez

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS... made my cry to see the notes to the moms... I LOVE my son!!!

  3. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Sister Black, may you be abundantly blessed for your extra efforts sharing such wonderful pictures and words with us through this blog. I'm so grateful to you for this - it's fantastic! I feel like I'm a part of the NLVW Mission as I follow along seeing my wonderful son, his great companions and all the smiling missionary faces. Reading these was a joy. Looking forward to the Father's Day post! Thank you again!

    Sister Kaelberer

  4. Anonymous5/10/2013

    Thanks for posting these pictures. We pray for each missonary in Las Vagus!

    Bro Reyes
    Elder Taylor Reyes Dad...

  5. Anonymous5/11/2013

    Thank you Sister Black for taking the time to post all those messages to moms. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

    Jeanie and Clay Edwards

  6. Anonymous5/12/2013

    As Elder Markle enters his last full week as a full-time missionary, I would like to thank President and Sister Black for this blog, the pictures, and for taking very good care of my son while under their stewardship. It's amazing how fast these past two years have gone by. Elder Markle has been an excellent example and blessing to his whole family, especially his younger brother. I'm very grateful to our Heavenly Father, our Savior, His Church, and our ward family for the opportunity that Elder Markle has had to share and teach the Gospel and to bring souls unto Christ. (I love you, son.)

    Brother Thomas Markle
    (Humble, and yet proud, father of Elder Andrew Markle)

  7. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in compiling all the thoughts of these wonderful missionaries about their moms. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through them and seeing their joy filled faces. It's amazing to see just how many missionaries there are in the mission and to put names with faces. That's a lot of work! And I'm sure all the missionary families appreciate it as much as I do!
    Thank You!!!
    -Sis. Stowell

  8. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Thank you Sister Black sharing the thoughts from the missionaries. They were fun to read. We really appreciate all your time and effort. It brings comfort to us knowing that our son is in good hands Thanks
    Joe & Shauna Hurst

  9. hello sister black, this is elder john crossett, is there anyway for us to go back and to look at old pics and save them to our computer?

  10. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and our missionaries' take on words of advice,counsel and guidance that they have been given throughout the years. I was impressed by what my son remembered - and found it interesting to note what stuck in his mind. We really appreciate the efforts you put into the blog!

    Bryan and Jeanne Darby