Zone Conferences - May 2013

The theme of this Zone Conference was
"How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes?"

The morning started with car inspections...inside and outside of the car.
Once inside the building President Black welcomed everyone with some
opening remarks. Elder Dana talked about vehicle safety, Sister Dana instructed on
baptism referrals, Elder McMillan reminded everyone about the importance
of maintaining a clean apartment.

In each conference five missionary names were chosen from a bag to
share some prepared thoughts about a Christlike attribute.
Training was done by President and Sister Black and
the Assistants, Elder Alford and Elder Dowuona-Hammond.
  By participating in role-plays we were able to put into practice what was
 being taught.  Each zone conference involved four zones.

There were introductions of all new missionaries and testimonies from all
missionaries who will be going home.

Wonderful lunches were served each day by local Relief Societies.

South Zone

Front - Elders San Miguel, Wong, Sisters Hanson, Monson, Elders Wilkerson, Lapeyrouse
Back - Elders Nunez, Dilley-Simpson, Woody, Houghton, Park, Bloomfield, White, Smith, Cease
Elders Selvey, Birch, Loertscher, Caudle

Sandstone Zone

 Front - Elders Lee, John, Sisters Pulsipher, Snider, Elders Smith, Olive
Back - Elders Zachary, Aldridge, Gregory-Tews, Beddoes, Sellers, Koluse
Spring Mountain Zone
 Front - Elders Van Etten, Sisters Chapman, Luamanu, Elders Markle, Dooley, Scola
Back - Elders Tanner, Doss, Driggs, Short, Hunsaker, Koncurat,, Vieira, Brown, Johnson, Baker
Elders Mavromatis, Kaelberer, Butler, Lopez, Goold

Las Vegas Zone

Front - Sisters Badoni, Christensen, Ridley, Elders Perez, Diaz, Baker
Middle - Elder Perea, Tuua, Cedillo, Seljestad, Tanner, Schmidt, Dial
Back- Elders Barton, Till, Chambers, Deppe, Rumbach

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Tule Springs Zone

 Front - Elders Titus, Ballard, Biggs, Sisters Long, Ali'ifua, Elders Miller, Chase, Nelson
Back - Elders Findlay, Kraft, Dowdle, Woodard, Larson, Bruce, Bee, Polanco

Mesquite Zone

 Front - Elders Cutrer, Jack, Sisters Clutts, Enszer, Elders Ririe, Edwards, Nielsen, Lloyd
Back - Elders Giullian, Lane, Jones, Ringer, Gray, Wilson, Fallon, Godfrey, Jacobsen, Corcoran,
Herlin, Stowell, Buchkovich, Paz, Percy, Garcia

Meadows  Zone

Front - Elders Frost, Conklin, Sisters Cornelsen, Akemon, Elders Romrell, Hurst
Back - Elders Myers, Gidewall, Felos, Cook, Lee, Kredt, Dowuona-Hammond,
Werner, Stewart, Alford, Saunders

Lone Mountain Zone

Front - Elders Mouser, Long, Wynn, Wilcock, Reaser, Moa
Back - Elders Darby, Oakey, Gonzales, Butler, Manning, Ete
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Elkhorn Spring Zone
 Front - Elders Naranjo, Empey, Strong, Sisters Dewey, Partner, Johnson, Rasmussen
Back - Elders Millar, Powers, Wrathall, Carlson, Parker, Hutchings, Jones

Lakes Zone

 Elders Cipriano, Torgersen, Murry, Sisters Belliston, Mataele, Elders Tautuiaki, Pennington, Wissinger
Back - Elders Seaman, George, Brinkworth, Reeves, Marstella, Cicerone

Highland Hills Zone

 Front - Elders Jarman, Golden, Crapo, Peacock, Sisters Cox, Larson, Elders Tunney, Hymas
Back - Elders Walker, Reel, Blanco, Kennedy, Fugate, Harper, Weekes, Chapman, Pulsipher

Redrock Zone

 Front - Elders Benioni, Reyes, Salinas, Solis, Reyes, Hoskins, Tinoco, Lawniczak
Back - Elders Sanders, Madore, Barlow, Pierre Louis, John, Robinson, Campbell, Pyron
Steenstra, West, Reed, Manning
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Senior Missionaries
Elder and Sister Dana, President and Sister Black, Sister Splain, Sister Macdonald

Sisters, Houseman, Clark, Black, Presidents Black, Andersen, Webb, Elder Dana

President & Sister Black, Elder & Sister McMillan, Elder Dana

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