The Book of Mormon.....A Gift of Gold

 Training and Christmas Activity
This past week we held two training meetings for the mission. Five zones attended one and four zones attended the other.  The theme for the training was "The Book of Mormon--A Gift of Gold."  We talked about the miracle of The Book of Mormon, how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and draws people nearer to God, and The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion.
We also had the opportunity to learn by role-playing.
After the morning meeting was over a Christmas luncheon was served.  One day the
 luncheon was prepared by the Meadows Stake Relief Society and the other day
 by the Las Vegas Stake Relief Society.  Both lunches were absolutely
wonderful....a real Christmas feast! 
When the lunch was over we returned to the chapel where we were favored by the zone leaders and assistants singing, "Book of Mormon Stories" and the senior missionaries singing "The Golden Plates Lay Hidden."  We then watched the movie "Joseph Smith -- Plates of Gold."  The movie portrays the events that lead up to the publishing of The Book of Mormon.  The activity closed with a few of the missionaries sharing how The Book of Mormon has changed their lives and by each missionary receiving a hardbound copy of the book and and being asked to again read it and highlight each reference to Jesus Christ, His attributes and His words spoken by Him or by prophets.

The Las Vegas Stake Relief Society prepared gift bags for all of the missionaries in the mission. The bags were made to look like snowmen and filled with  socks, toothpaste, a toothbrush,  boxes of cereal, some candy, a little book of quick and easy recipes, and a Christmas story.  

A family in the mission also gave each missionary a shirt with the mission logo embroidered on it. 
The missionaries put them on for zone pictures.

Highland Hills Zone

Lone Mountain Zone

Mesquite Zone

Tule Springs Zone

Senior Missionaries
Lakes Zone

Redrock Zone

Spring Mountain Zone

South Zone

Las Vegas Zone

Senior Missionaries

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