A plane full of Mormon Missionaries - January 21, 2103

 As we were at the airport waiting at the escalator for the new missionaries to come
there was a couple that was ahead of them that pulled me aside and said,
"We felt very safe on that flight....it was full of Mormon Missionaries!"
There was a plane full of Mormon Missionaries and they all came to
the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We welcomed 24 new missionaries into the mission on January 21st.
We were excited to meet them and already love having them here!

Picking up the luggage

Loading the luggage in the trailer 
Breakfast at the mission home 
(This is surch a large group that I split the group in two
for the picture)
Orientation at a local church building

Elder Jack
 Elder Campbell
 Elder Barton
Elder George
Elder Bee
Elder Cease
Sister Cornelsen
Sister Partner
Elder Bloemke
Elder Myers
Elder Jarman
Elder Till
Elder Romrell
Elder Miller
Elder Reaser
Elder Moa
Elder Stowell
Elder Van Etten
Elder Dilley-Simpson
Elder Frost
Elder Reed
Elder Bloomfield
Elder Brinkworth
Elder Birch


  1. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Thank you for posting these pictures! It is good to see my son Elder Miller and all the other missionaries. I bet it was an awesome experience flying with all those young men in suits!

  2. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Thank you President and Sister Black for providing this blog and the wonderful pictures. As a parent of one those arriving this week(Elder Moa), we greatly appreciate seeing information of this part of the Lord's Vineyard.

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    Love the Moa family

  3. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Thank you so much for posting these wonderful pictures. It helps me keep track of two great people I know. Sister Cornelsen and Elder Bloemke. Soon to follow my son Elder Fallon coming in Feburary. :) He is preparing for the Temple this week! Vancouver, Washington will be taking over the mission!!! ;) It is so exciting to see who he will be sharing our Heavenly Fathers gospel with. Thank you President and Sister Black. I feel comfort.

    With LOVE & Prayers!
    Kim Fallon

    1. Lisa Bunton1/23/2013

      Kim, you are right Las Vegas mission has hit the jackpot ;) of Vancouver, WA missionaries. I have the privilege of knowing Elder Stowell and in Feb. Elder Goold!

    2. Kim, Aren't you excited for Logan! Elder Bloemke is loving it ! And I am also glad that we get to see what they are doing! Thanks so much President and Sister Black!

      Shelley Bloemke

  4. My heart is full seeing my missionary son, Elder Myers. Thank you for this blog. It has already given me great comfort and I anxiously look forward to the updates over the next 2yrs.
    Amber Myers

  5. I was thrilled to see that you have a blog! Things have certainly changed in the nearly 10 years since our second son served in Washington state. Our youngest will report to the MTC on Feb 13th and has been called to serve in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission. We're busy preparing and his dad and I look forward to following your updates as well. Thank you so much for your service!

    Jeanne Darby

  6. Anonymous1/28/2013

    Thank you for posting those great pictures! That is such a great idea and certainly helps us back home.